Our Partner Aircraft Fleet

Our members have access to our fleet of approved Partner Aircraft - with each aircraft being operated by an approved and trusted aircraft operator.

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Every aircraft has to pass our approval process before being allowed to fly for TailHail – we are committed to high levels of member safety and ensuring that our members can book, fly and travel in comfort, knowing that they are onboard the very best of aircraft only.


Turboprops are the ideal aircraft category for those looking for a flight less than 1,500 nautical miles or 3 hours in duration.

With aircraft types like the King Air and Pilatus PC-12, our available turboprops offer our members an aircraft category that can cost less per flight hour and has the ability to access those airfields with short runways that a jet aircraft type cannot access.

Small Jet

Small jet aircraft are the solution for any short to medium range flights. Small and light jet aircraft can offer faster flight times and an increased flight range compared to turboprop aircraft.

Midsize Jet

Midsize jets consist of aircraft types that are made up of some of the most popular aircraft worldwide, this as a result of the flight performance, capability and cost-effectiveness that midsize jet aircraft can offer.

With an increased range, cabin size and luggage capacity compared to that of small or light jet aircraft – our members are able to take advantage of a wide range of available midsize jet aircraft.

Large Jet

Large jet aircraft are made up of aircraft types that can typically fly long range non-stop and benefit from an increased number of seats onboard. Large aircraft offer a unique flight experience made up of comfort and space.

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