Business Membership

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Our Business Membership offering is designed to support businesses worldwide with their travel requirements. Businesses no longer need to own an aircraft or have to pay large deposits upfront to access the benefits that flying privately can have on them and their business.

With an unlimited number of users being allowed on the TailHail business membership account, this membership is ideal for those businesses looking for a flexible, innovative and efficient flight solution. Whatever the size of your business and the demands of your travel schedule, a business membership with TailHail can allow your business to remain competitive and productive.

Private Flying
Create your flight or search for flights through our platform.
Flight Sharing
Suggest and participate in sustainable flight sharing opportunities with other TailHail members. Reduce the cost of flying privately on both you and the environment.
Our Platform
Access to our members only platform.
Member Benefits
The extensive benefits that a TailHail membership offers, from access to our Touchdown events to taking advantage of our brand partner offers.

Our Safety

Safe flying and blue skies.

Here at TailHail we ensure that our members are kept safe at all times when flying worldwide.

With safety being our number one priority, we therefore only allow flights to take place on our "Safety vetted and approved" Partner Aircraft Fleet, with each aircraft having to undergo and pass our safety verification process.

Each aircraft operator has to pass this rigorous process with TailHail in order to be an “approved aircraft operator".

Our aircraft verification process ensures that you, your family or employees are flying on the safest and highest-quality of aircraft each time.

Member Support Team

The TailHail member support team is available to assist our members with any requirements that they might have and to provide a membership support service like no other.

Our support team is available 24/7 to assist our members, in addition to this each member is assigned a dedicated private aviation adviser on joining TailHail.

Explore Partner Fleet

Join our partner aircraft fleet and allow your charter aircraft to be seen and booked by our qualified members worldwide.

Through our industry unique technology, TailHail is changing the way that individuals, families and businesses travel. Join TailHail and upload your aircraft today – discover your new private aviation partner.

How do I become a Business member?

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