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Your safe and secure solution for flying privately, from operators and aircraft that you can trust.

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A membership-based private aircraft platform that reduces the upfront and hourly cost to fly privately.

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Our individual, family or business memberships are designed to democratise private flying and to make business aviation more accessible than ever before.

Our members receive extensive membership benefits, from flight-sharing opportunities with other TailHail members, empty leg opportunities to the various lifestyle benefits that are only available to our members.

TailHail is building a global network of “Safety vetted and approved” charter aircraft, meaning our members can fly privately across the world in a safe and secure environment at all times, with aircraft operators that we trust.

  • Designed Around You

    Whether you are looking for a membership for yourself, family or business, our memberships have been designed to best meet and best serve your flight requirements.

  • Technology

    Utilising the latest technology to improve the way that you fly. Making it easier and quicker than before to fly privately.

  • Fuelled by Entrepreneurship

    We created TailHail to positively improve and to disrupt the way that people fly. We want our members to realise the endless benefits flying privately can have on them, their family, friends or business.

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If you are an aircraft operator or aircraft management company and would like to add your aircraft to our TailHail "Partner Aircraft Fleet", please use our form, or email us directly at to begin your aircraft approval process.

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