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TailHail is making flying privately accessible,
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We are the safe and secure private aviation solution for individuals, families
and businesses worldwide.

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TailHail has four different membership options designed to meet different flight requirements. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, our memberships have you covered.

Our four memberships are

Takeoff Membership

The perfect option for those that are new to private aviation or for those that travel occasionally.

Aviator Membership

The membership solution for those that travel or fly frequently.

Altitude Membership

The ultimate membership option for families, large groups or clubs.

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Business Membership

The ideal private aviation option for businesses worldwide, the days of aircraft or fractional ownership are now gone.

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Through our innovative and industry unique technology we are making flying privately as simple and easy as ordering a cab. TailHail is changing the way that people travel for good.

With aircraft types like the King Air and Pilatus PC-12, our available turboprops offer our members an aircraft category that can cost less per flight hour and has the ability to access those airfields with short runways that a jet aircraft type cannot access.

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No longer making private flyers pay a large financial deposit upfront in order to fly privately or buying a share of an aircraft. Here at TailHail we are bringing the cost of private flying down and allowing private aviation to be experienced by the masses worldwide.

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Through our technology we are reducing the impact that private flying has on the environment, in addition to this we are introducing “Flight Sharing” allowing our members to share seats onboard a flight – this reducing the number of private aircraft flying to the same destination with empty seats onboard.

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We are tired of “illegal “charter still existing in this day and age. With TailHail the only aircraft that you can fly onboard as a member are those of our Partner Aircraft Fleet of safety vetted and approved charter aircraft. Each aircraft having to undergo and pass this rigorous approval process before being allowed on to our platform. Keeping you, your family or employees safe at all times.

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