About TailHail

TailHail is the first and only private aviation membership community, offering more than a private “flight” experience and service.

The private aviation community

From entrepreneurs to business owners, individuals to families, we are on a mission to create a global community of likeminded members that want to experience and access the endless benefits of private aviation, whilst at the same time providing our members with extensive, unrivalled membership benefits and events worldwide. Founded by serial aviation entrepreneur James Moon, the company has been focused on creating innovative technology solutions that make flying privately more accessible, affordable and sustainable – allowing private aviation to be accessed by the masses worldwide and not just a small number.

Our Values

TailHail is committed to changing and improving the way that people and businesses fly privately worldwide. As a company, we are driven by technology, safety and our commitment to the environment.


TailHail is an “avtech” company – for the time being we are operating as a website-based platform, shortly we will be launching our dedicated app for iOS and Android.


Our member’s safety at all times is vital. Whether that is on the ground or in the air, we are committed to ensuring that our members are able to feel safe. From safety vetting each aircraft our members fly on, to approving each brand partner that we work with – our commitment to operating at the highest standards of safety will never change.


Private aviation is always going to be an easy target when it comes to the environment, our company will always be committed to reducing the impact that flying privately has on the environment. It is our responsibility to tackle the global challenge of climate change – from making our members aware of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) when flying on one of our flights, to partnering with environmental related NGOs worldwide to tackle to climate change.

A letter from our Founder

A few years ago, I had a vision – to change the way that people and businesses fly. So far, our journey has been interesting to say the least, we’ve encountered a lot of hurdles – most start-ups experience challenges along the way, however I believe our story will make for a great film or book one day.

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Who’s behind TailHail

TailHail was founded by serial aviation entrepreneur, James Moon. The TailHail management team is made up of industry leaders from across aviation, marketing and hospitality.

We’re Raising

It’s our goal to create an exceptional membership community that continues to evolve, as a technology business we are currently in the process of raising additional investment that will further increase our user experience and to support future technology development.

More than a Flight

TailHail is a global community of likeminded members that are able to access member only events, benefits and private flight opportunities. We are committed to positively changing the way that individuals, families and businesses travel worldwide – allowing them to discover and hail a new way to fly.