A letter from our Founder

A few years ago, I had a vision – to change the way that people and businesses fly.

So far, our journey has been interesting to say the least, we’ve encountered a lot of hurdles – most start-ups experience challenges along the way, however I believe our story will make for a great film or book one day.

For me flying has always been a lifelong passion ever since a young age, even to this day I am still plane obsessed – which helps when running an aviation business like TailHail. However, as an entrepreneur, I am also always looking at ways of improving a particular sector and disrupting the “norm”.

Private aviation itself has huge potential to positively change lives and be a force for good in the world. The sector has not scratched the surface in terms of its true ability and potential to succeed – as a result of this, the industry has struggled to change public perceptions about the use and benefits of private aircraft.

In a world of increased scrutiny and accountability, the private aviation sector receives frequent negative press by those that do not understand the value and the vital benefits that flying privately can have on individuals, families, communities and businesses worldwide – from keeping remote villages connected to the outside world, to allowing businesses that employ thousands to remain competitive.

Where we can improve as an industry is by becoming more efficient in how private aircraft operate worldwide, for example reducing the number of aircraft currently flying empty – through our propriety technology, we are committed to positively changing private aviation for good.
This also extends to the process of requesting and booking a private aircraft which is currently a time-consuming process for a user. The market is overcrowded, with too many brokers and companies all offering the same basic services or those hiding behind a slick looking app that often promises a user the world when booking a jet, however in the end the experience is frequently disappointing.

This frustration that I had at how the industry operated, from the current process of booking a private aircraft and the overall lack of transparency involved throughout the process, is why TailHail was founded – I wanted to rip up the way the way that the industry operated, how private aircraft were booked and the inefficient methods currently involved.

The question that has often kept me awake at night was why should the private jet experience end when the flight lands? I wanted to address this and instead offer a complete user experience which complements each user with access to luxury brand partners, benefits and events throughout the year.

As a membership-based community, likeminded members are coming together that want to experience affordable private aviation and also that want to be part of something special, with access to member only events and lifestyle benefits. As a business, we have enormous opportunity to change the way that private aviation is perceived and how people and businesses travel worldwide – our journey is just taking off.

Founding TailHail and getting it to where it is today, has required an understanding to continually challenge and improve our service offering, listening to what our members wanted to see and experience from our company. Over the last few years, as the world, the needs and preferences of our members changed, we’ve had to change how we operate too.

I want to round this up by outlining my continued commitment to each TailHail member, as Founder and CEO of TailHail my role is to ensure that I continually listen to your valued feedback, build upon our service offering and to deliver an exceptional experience to you at all times.

I look forward to seeing you on a TailHail flight or at one of our member only events worldwide very soon.

James Moon