TailHail is a new, dynamic private flight booking platform with innovative cutting-edge technology to unlock greater private aviation control, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. As a mobile first company, unique website and app features streamline the private flight booking process for customers and operators alike. Co-founder and Chief Aviation Officer James Moon explains, “Our technology addresses the pain points that currently exist in the sector for both operators and users.” James continues, “It is clear that there are a lot of existing inefficiencies, such as aircraft flying empty, which is far from ideal in the current climate.” With continuing commercial flight cancellations, now’s the time travellers are looking for alternative options. Whether you already fly privately or would like to find out more, TailHail offers time-saving travel wins and an attainable private aviation route. The innovative platform directly links up customers and operators, connecting flight requests with aircraft availability. Chief Operating Officer Chris Beevers says, “Our end-to-end automated process makes private flight booking a much smoother experience, tapping into a gap in the industry.” TailHail is a travel savvy tool for booking private flights and gaining access to otherwise unseen empty seats and a significantly widened airport location search. **Customer benefits** • Greater control, convenience, and cost-effectiveness • Access to otherwise unseen flight options • A previously manual flight booking process being simplified • Private flight booking ease **Operator benefits** • Improved profitability • Operational efficiency • The opportunity to upload excess capacity • Whether an operator has 1 or 10 jets, TailHail removes the booking admin burden, to provide a direct customer link-up. Find your flight [Link](https://tailhail.com). Let us know if you would like further info [here](https://tailhail.com/message-us).